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Iron deficiency anemia is not a disease in and of itself--it is a symptom of another disease or something going wrong along the lines which is causing the iron deficiency.

You say that you don't absorb iron. How do you know this? In iron deficiency anemia, the primary cause is some sort of blood loss in the body. You could be absorbing iron just fine, but just losing it took quickly through some blood loss.

Another cause is malabsorption problems like celiac disease or overuse of antacids that would block your iron from being absorbed.

Lastly, bone marrow disorders in which there is a problem with red blood cells can cause anemia (though your iron is probably fine).

An infusion or infusions, is not going to cure your anemia. It will make it better for awhile (hopefully) but until you find the cause of the iron deficiency, you are constantly going to have to be monitoring it.

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