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Hey all,
I went to the doc for blood test about 3 months ago because of the following symptoms: Feeling lightheaded with very little exertion (e.x.: cleaning house, or walking for 15 min) and/or when standing on feet for as little as 20 min, feeling very tired, and low in energy. Its gotten to the point where I'm anxious to go into malls, or other closed areas, because I start to feel very very lightheaded. I'm just afraid that if I feel too weak, I might not be able to make it out of the mall and back to the car, without fainting.

The blood tests all came back normal, except my ferritin, which was 25 ug/L. The doc said that this is "possibly" low, not "definitely" low. However, it is not low enough to cause my symptoms. I have been taking iron pills for about 3 months now, with very little improvement. I have yet to take another blood test to see what my new numebrs are, but am planning to do that sometime soon.

What opinion do you guys your experience, is a ferritin of 25 low enough to cause the symptoms I mention. My other differential diagnosis is anxiety, according to the docs...which is also believable. Maybe its a combination of low ferritin and anxiety...not sure. Just wanted to know what you guys have experienced at ferritin levels of 25. Thanks for any help.

Like many medical things, i believe we are all individuals and a rare few might suffer the type of affects the rest of us wont have, so you can't exactly rule out that your low energy levels ect are not being caused a ferretin level of 25.

I know i suffered from extreme tiredness, low energy, no motivation etc when my levels were in their teens and then finally down to an 8. The only other time i had these same types of symptoms was when i had an overgrowth of candida in my stomach. Similar-ish symptoms are also experienced by certain people with thyroid conditions i believe.

My specialist is aiming for a minimum ferretin level of 70, but he would be even happier if i could hit 125 in the event that my iron begins to drop again. My big issue was my hair shedding and so i'm trying everything possible to boost my ferretin. Today i had my first of five iron injections and hopefully when i have my next blood test my ferretin will be sky high. The problem i can see is keeping it up there, which is necessary for a proper hair growth cycle to be developed.

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