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Double Gigi

Has your dr considered any malabsorption problems? I am thinking here of celiac? Or maybe a GI disease like crohns?

You definately need to keep a record of your ferritin and intake of iron to see if you are making any progress. If you have had IV therapy, you need to keep track of what ferritin results and if, and how, quickly it drops. Do you have such a record, or has your dr been doing this?

Also, has your dr talked to you about foods, vits and meds that will decrease iron absorption while you are trying to supplement orally? ie. calcium, dairy products, antacids?

You may find this article helpful. Talks about reasons for IDA and also how iron absorption in inhibited in certain circumstances - disease states and food, med intake. Hope this helps. :)

Ambulatory Management of Common Forms of Anemia, American Family Physician, Vol. 59/No. 6 (March 15, 1999)

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