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Hi Claire - I don't know what any of us would have done before the internet and boards like these. It really does help to be able to read what others have to say and what their experiences have been.

If you don't mind me asking, when they tested your iron levels last, what was your result for ferretin? The trichologist i have seen said that even alopecia can be brought on much earlier in life than it would normally occur (if you were to be predisposed to it eg: genetically) if your ferretin levels are low or have been low over a long period of time.

From reading other people's posts it appears that some doctors don't have an understanding how iron levels can relate in some people to more hair shedding than is normal. I know that there are other factors which can contribute to hair loss too, but if those other factors are pretty much ruled out and you know your iron is very low then it's worth building up your levels and keeping them there to see what will happen. Most doctors who understand will usually say that you should get your ferretin up to 70 and keep it there for 3 - 6 months, while other doctors will have a patient with a ferretin level in the 20's and will say that all is fine.

As for the iron injections, reading the pamphlet which comes with the injections it states that the injections can't be given to people with a number of conditions eg: low b12. Your doctor is possibly right in not going ahead with the injections which if administered incorrectly can have very bad side effects. On the other hand there are doctors who think injections are extreme and don't think it's necessary, when in fact they could be of benefit.

The only advice i can give is not to quit. I can honestly say that the only doctor who was of benefit to me and had what i felt to be a high degree of understand was the Trichologist. I went to a dermatologist, which was a waste of time. Later i found out that not ALL dermatologists are qualified in the hair loss department, only a small number of them are. Going to the Trichologist was a last ditch effort as i felt i had exhausted all my other avenues. I found the one i go to over the net. I did lots of research, phoned a few of them, asked questions and at the end he seemed most genuinely interested and knowledgeable, but then he does also have a medical background and isn't just one of those people who did a short term course and are in it for the money. Well that's my personal view on how he appears to me anyway. He works at Glebe and at Sutherland. He is at Glebe 2 days per week. I don't think we can give phone numbers on here, but if you look him up on the net it gives his contact number. Often you have to leave a message and he phones you back. If you are really worried it might be worth phoning and explaining your situation and he can tell you what he may or may not be able to do for you. I can't give any guarantees as your situation is a little different to mine.

As for your zinc and iron, they are both important, but i wouldn't be taking a zinc supplement at the same time as you take an iron supplement as the zinc can cancel out some of your iron absorbtion. Best to take them a number of hours apart.

If i think of anything else i will post it on here. I know it's hard not to stress, but stress wont be doing any good. Your best bet is to keep up with the research and find out what can/t be done and then work with that. All the best :)

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