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Audrey--Thanks! I'm going to check out the Amino Acids I actually have a book on them. I'm just not sure what and how much to take. Have you heard anything about Biotin, known as vitamin H or B-7? Interesting about the cells in the intestinal lining. I know that mine are shot from all this iron intake! It is a shame we have to resort to the Internet for information. Although I do love it! I was told by all Docs to STAY OFF!!

I have been to many Docs and none have really helped me to this point. I have been going through this way too long. First they took me off iron because of a reaction to another kind. Then back on a new one with food. Then half the dose with food. That is when I really did my homework. Then told just to get it through my diet. That really scared me because I know that I need a large dose from what they told me. My numbers responded very well in the beginning and I knew that. So I never gave up, I wanted too really bad. I went back to 2X daily on an empty stomach. It was much easier this time because I was no longer sick from the first iron. What a blessing! I take 300 mg of poly iron. I raised my HGB to 12.9 finally, from originally 8.5 and my Ferritin was 2 and now 9. I know that isn't that good but it is going up. My HGB goes up 2 points per month now :). I'm just now starting to feel better. So, I am no longer anemic!

I wish I was seeing a Tricologist but I can't bare to see another doctor. I hope that I am not predisposed to alopecia. I really think that it is my body screaming for Ferritin. I'll let you know in a yr.! Lol! I am Hypo though, they say that my number is okay in range. I'm not sure where I should be with that??

I was told to continue for 6 mos. and come back to check levels. I am also focusing on getting the Ferritin up as fast as possible. I was wondering that if you were to stay at a higher HGB would the iron go into the storage at a faster rate? I asked for injections at the Hematologist he said no just IV. My GI doc said no IV just injections. Then when my numbers went up there was no choice but supplements. You are lucky to have such luck so far with your injections. I hope that your ferritin goes up now. Good luck and keep us posted. Thanks again for the information, it really does help. FLFLOWERGIRL

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