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Audrey-B--Congrats on completing your iron shots!! I'm glad that you are slowly feeling better. I can tell you, now that my Hgb is on the rise I'm feeling much better every day. I still have a few symptoms that docs can't seem to figure out? They say I may never know and just to forget about it because I'm feeling better. I don't know how I feel about that, I'm still thinking.

Are you taking your powder and organic iron now that the shots are over? Good luck with your test results. I really hope this works for you. When we find the perfect combo that works it makes the world of difference. And I ALWAYS thought that anemia was just anemia how bad can that be????????? Now I know for sure. What an education I must say.

You are lucky that you have someone that seems to really care about your health. He sounds so nice. You are quite fortunate. I'm sure it wasn't an easy road to find him.

You never know your numbers might be up to 70 with all those shots. You know I think that my hair had slowed down on shedding. I was thinking this but thought, no it's just my mind. But, my husband just asked me yesterday, don't you think that you hair is getting better? It's not all over the floor now, just a little. I have white tile and it really shows. I also started washing it more because I read that skipping days, only makes more come out at one time and it makes you more anxious. So I went back to everyday. Maybe that makes a difference I don't know.

Anyway, I'm glad that the shots seem to be working for you. My GI doc suggested shots over IV but then the Hematologist said no because I was absorbing, I should take supplemental iron. (((Yuck)))!!!!! 6 more mo's., then he will decide 1X or none. I've already taken it for close to 8 mo's. I did an anemia panel yesterday and should get results by Fri. or Mon., I can't wait to see my Ferritin levels!

I'm going to the Healthfood store to check out the amino acids today. It can't hurt, I hope. I also got some shampoo from the beauty supply store for thinning hair. It doesn't hold it in just helps to replace and build. Nixion is the name of it and it comes from England. My daughter is in Cosmetology and has a pass to shop at this store. My stylist told us to get this. She also told me in the beginning to get tested for Celiac. These people hear all sorts of stories and learn a lot of good information. But that wasn't my problem, just interesting. Lots of luck to you! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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