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Hi Claire - Yes i see Tony Pearce too. He really new his stuff so that is why i selected him over any other Trichologist. I even phoned the Trichologists Association and the lady on the phone wasn't helpful. Tony gave me the Complex Amino Acid tablets plus an iron powder which had a few other things in it too. My ferretin went up a bit, but should have gone up more. I'm still taking the Amino Acid tablets as they contain Lysine which benefits people with low iron, but have stopped taking the iron powdered supplement as i'm on the injections. My next blood test should show good ferretin levels hopefully, but i'm scared of my ferretin levels dropping again after ceasing the injections.

I think you should find out your ferretin level first. If you are low in zinc i wouldn't advise giving it up. If you haven't already, you should probably have a thorough blood test and show it to Tony Pearce. He can then advise you on your levels and how best to take your supplements. If you are on an iron and a zinc supplement, simply dont take them together, take them a few hours apart so they wont affect one another and your body can still absorb them.

If Tony Pearce has suggested iron injections has he seen blood test results? If so, your ferretin levels must be on the tests as i dont think he would suggest injections without seeing any type of results. As for your gp, if he/she wont do the injections did they say why they wouldn't do it? If they didn't give you a reason why, i would find another gp. I dont waste time with doctors who wont do the right thing by me as i have wasted too many years trying to fix this problem. I have only recently begun seeing the gp who i see now and after checking certain things on my results he agreed to do the injections automatically and he is only in a medical centre and doesnt have his own practice.

The worst thing you can do is stress and count your hairs each day. For now all you can do is use the treatments you have been given, get answers out of your doctor or find a new one, try and keep calm and perhaps you can visit the hair section of the Healthboards to see whether others have found anything which has helped them. There are an amazing amount of people on here who are losing hair for a variety of reasons, but we can't give up hope.

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