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My story is that one year ago my AST was at top of the range but in range.
The doc made no comment about it. Approx 3 months ago I start on iron supplements to raise ferritin. I am taking one pill 325mg a day ferrous sulfate. On my blood test from a week ago AST is now out of range on the high end by 8 points. My ALT is also out of range high end by 3 points.
The doc has not gone over the results with me yet. I wondered when I saw the results whether the iron is stressing out my liver?? Or maybe some other supplements I am taking . I am taking a high dose of vit d. to raise my levels, under doc supervision, so maybe the vit d? Or maybe the iron or d has nothing to do with it.

I don't quite get your situation. Did you say you had high AST and ALT before taking iron supplements?? Or did the liver enzymes only go up with the iron??

Or they were high and then went higher with the iron?

How much out of range are you on the AST and ALT?

What has your doc said about the AST and ALT?

Sorry to hear about the ulcers, does the doc think that is why you have low ferritin?

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