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Littlebunnyfoo--;) I also went to the GI Doc and he asked me if I had heavy periods and I said, yes.

BUT I also have acid reflux and burning in my esophagus from the Ferris Sulfate I was on 3X daily. Ended up in the ER. Note that I have taken Nexium for 7 years now and I am also Hypothyroid (Hashimotos).

I thought that I was bleeding and told him that. He said, if he were in Vegas betting he would say that it was my periods. GREAT! So he put me on another iron PolyIron 150 which I can tolerate now. I had an endo,colon,trans vag ultrasound, and nothing was found. The endoscopy was done 3 weeks after I saw him so I was wondering if something didn't heal along the way. My mom had bleeding but they didn't find the cause it had healed on it's own. I wonder if this didn't happen to me?

I went to the Hemo Doc. He also said, that it was my periods like everyone else except the GYN, she said if they are still heavy come back and see me. Another Doctor said that it will be a transfusion or an Ablation that's when I made up my mind. Well, it has been six months that I have been fighting to get to the scale of 11.5. I go up and down because they take me off and on iron due to stomach upset and iron with and without food. So I had the ablation a few weeks ago. I will find out this week if I get a period. She said, that I might bleed for the next two months then stop??????? She did find and removed 7 polyps. She thought that was why I was heavy.????:confused:

I will let you all know what my results are. I'm very excited. I see the Hemo Doc (that doesn't listen to me) in 3 more weeks. I'm on monthly visits because with food I dropped 1 point with 2 periods in 6 weeks.

I'm on 150 2x daily now on an empty stomach 1 hour before my meal. I'm now feeling better so it has to be going up now. So, I would talk to the GYN about a procedure to stop the bleeding it can't hurt too bad! FLFLOWERGIRL

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