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Welcome to the lucky few. I am just like you - one of the few who have horrible symptoms at a much higher level. GOOD NEWS it gets better. You are a vegan, which explains your low B12 completely. There are several things out there that you can eat and drink in order to get your daily requirements of B12. My daughter found this cold mocha drink that has nearly 100% of the daily requirement - a slim fast I think has 33% and then there is a soymilk that has 25%. Since you are low take more than you need in supplements until the numbers reach above 800. And if you can keep getting shots till then do so.

I have pernicious anemia so it doesn't matter how much I eat I will never absorb the vitamin. Lucky for me a lifetime of shots keeps me alive.

Regarding your time frame question - you’re in for a long haul. I am 13 months out and finally back to normal. The damage low b12 does to the body takes a long time to repair so be patient and always keep taking your B12 even when you feel better.

Sleeping - yes is an issue I personal got so bad that I crashed for 6-8 hours would be awake for maybe 2 then start the process all over. I still take a muscle relaxer every now and then to help me sleep - and to help me get out of bed. I still have muscle contractions, which makes my body very stiff and sore so the morning ritual is about 10-15 min of stretching before I can even sit up.

This site is great - it helped me thru this whole process.

Good luck
When my B12 level was 282, I had the same things you described - the migraine aura without the migraine and funny that you should mention it, but that waking up with a gasp thing in the middle of the night. I didn't associate that with B12, but it must;ve been that because those gasps are gone now that my B12 level is good again.

It took me a few months to feel better after starting the shots and taking multiple vitamins. The big thing to remember is that it takes awhile to get your supplies built back up. Don't stop the shots when you start to feel good - keep at it until your levels are steady for awhile.

And I've been told to eat potassium when trying to build up your B12 stores - it's supposed to help your body use the B12.

Hang in there!
Laura - I am glad we could help. Stay on the B12 and make sure your numbers go up. There are several conditions which makes it a difficult vitamin to obsorb. And speaking from experience (once at your level) life is so much better in the 800 number.

Good luck

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