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Wow, some of you guys are truly doing it tough. I thought i just had it bad with my low ferretin and too much hair shedding, but lucky for me my B12 is at least good.

The reason this thread interested me was the fact that a couple of people have mentioned getting up to the 800's. The pathology range for B12 must be different where you guys live. I'm in Australia and our B12 pathology range on our blood tests is 150 - 800 pm/L. Mine is 550 and my specialist is happy with this to the point of telling me that if i'm still taking my vitamin B complex supplements to either stop taking them or to only take them 1 or 2 times per week. I'm not vegan and eat meat each day, but still have big problems absorbing the iron, but no issues with the B12.

It's really quite interesting how one person can readily absorb one thing, yet not be able to absorb something which someone else can. Best of luck to you all and hope your B12's get up to where they are supposed to be :)

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