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[QUOTE=FLFLOWERGIRL;3094557]elphers--It's your body and if you want tested you have to TELL them that's what you NEED. I would tell your Doc that it is important to you that you know your numbers and where you stand. You must insist that they do this for you. Tell them that you are very upset about it and I'm sure they will comply.

My friend called me and said how tired she was and I asked if her hair was falling out she said yes but it always does. I said BUT that isn't normal. I said for her to ask for a Ferritin test not just a CBC. She did and found out that she had a 4 Ferritin. She was put on iron although she was on the chart for HGB. She was still tired and went to another Doc he checked her B12 as the first should have but didn't and she was very low and began shots. She was and still is very tired like you. Her Ferritin had gone up but still in the teens. Maybe your Ferritin is also going up and down. But the real fatigue sounds like B-12 and a combination of both even.

You didn't say what type of anemia you have? And these things take so long to correct. My Hemo Doc said that I have been like this (low ferritin/anemia)for many years and that it takes a long time to correct it. Maybe you aren't getting enough B-12, what type of schedule are you on for that? Are you still taking iron and how much? I wish you well. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/QUOTE]

I get monthly B12 shots and do not take any iron. All of my doctors say that I don't need the iron.
I took iron pills for probably 10 years or more. I have celiac disease so I have trouble absorbing nutrients.
I still am thinking of trying my GP for a ferritin test, then MAYBE I'll get a prescription for iron. I really am curious to see what my ferritin count would be.
My hair also has been falling out more lately.

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