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Rileyroe is right -- Prenious anemia test is a good place to start.

Another thing not mentioned is medication-- If you are taking a PPI (Proton Pump inhibitor) like Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid or Aciphix to reduce stomach acid for throat problem it can inhibit the absorption of vitamin B-12.
That may be why the B 12 is not increasing with treatmen??

I wish you well---Harry.
no the doctor RXed me prevacid but I do not take it. I am waiting for them to do the surgery. I have been b12 deficient for a long time now. what is Prenious anemia? I will look into that. I am not toooo conserned with this except the bruising really scares me. I have a huge bruise on my hip just because my significant other rolled over and hit hit it during the night.. and all the bruises really hurt.
thanks again

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