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Hi. I am also B12 deficient being diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia 2 years ago. To start with the treatment was B12 shots regularly ie once a week and then building to once a month and now I tend to need them every 6-8 weeks. I was basically deficient of B12 by the time I was diagnosed. Symptoms were pins and needles in my left hand and forearm and and then progressed to left foot also. On several occasions my arm would be like a log and I could not move it. I also bled from my gums and had terrible fatigue. I would wake for a few hours to have to return to bed for several hours even after sleeping 10 hours or so through the night. I remember being told that our system does not absorb B12 (no matter how much B12 enriched foods, vitamins etc you eat/take etc) and that it is genetic. I had an endoscopy/colonoscopy done last year as blood was found in my stools also to find that I had chronic inflammation of the stomach lining. It is a good idea (according to my doctor) to have this done as one in so many pernicious aneamia sufferers can develop stomach cancer. (Not suggesting this is your problems as it is a stretch of numbers that they quote). I have also been told that I will need to have B12 injections for the rest of my life. It is a matter of trying to gauge and sometimes I have let it go that little bit too long before having the shot and end up very tired and non functioning but it is from what I have been told nothing life threatening as it once used to be a long time ago. Take care and have some further tests. Good luck.;)

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