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Sorry for this being long. Just want to get as much info into this as possible. I was recently dx'd with low ferritin at 7 (10-291) and the dr has put me on 75 mg of iron a day. There's other things going on too, but not sure if they're contributing factors or not. From what little reading I've done on this, it seems like the whole chicken/egg thing.

In Feb, they found thyroid nodules. My TSH has always been under 2. Antibodies are well within range (under 30 for both TPO and AntiTg). As of the last test on 6/5/07 (TSH wasn't run) FT3 was 2.99 (2.30-4.20) and FT4 was .95 (.89-1.76). I had been taking 3/4 grain of Armour daily (to try to shrink my nodules), but stopped 2 weeks prior to the testing due to bad side effects (extreme fatigue and unexplained weight loss - 12 pounds in a month).

2 Years ago, I was dx'd with GERD and put on Protonix. I've stopped taking it since starting the iron supplementation (figured the stomach acid would help with absorbtion). My GERD really hasn't been that bad since I stopped taking the meds 2 weeks ago. My diet's pretty good. I've cut out most processed foods (except for whole grain bread - gotta have my crunchy bread in the morning). I also eat meat as well as a lot of fruits and veggies.

In other testing, they also found that I had low vit D at 13 (25-80). While my manganese and copper were both flagged on the testing, they're still within "normal" ranges. Manganese at .03 (.007-.03) and Copper at .54 (.52-.89). I was also found to have elevated levels of mercury, as well as higher-than-normal levels of arsenic, cadmium, lead and thallium in my system (found with RBC elements test, not serum). Was also dx'd with borderline adrenal fatigue. Everything else was fine. Never had my B's tested.

My last CBC was done back at the end of March. I'm scheduled for another one at the end of this month, but won't get the results back until the end of August when I see the dr. The results from the last CBC are:

WBC 8.4 (4.0-11.0)
RBC 4.15 (3.8-5.3)
Hemoglobin 12.5 (11.8-15.5)
Hematocrit 36 (36-46)
MCV 86 (80-100)
MCH 30 (27-33)
RDW 12.6 (11.5-14.5)
PLT 324 (150-400)
Granulocytes 70 (45-74)
Lymphocytes 16.8L (20-47)
Mononuclears 9.4 (3-11)
Eosinophils 2.3 (0-8)
Basophils 1.4 (0-2)

So as you can see, the only two things on my CBC that might be even remotely questionable are my Hematocrit, which is low normal range, and my Lymphocytes, which is below range. I hadn't been recently ill or had any infection that I know of.

Since my period is really heavy and long (and always has been) my dr attributes the low ferritin to that. I tend to agree, but wonder if there isn't something else going on. I haven't put a list of my symptoms here, largely because it's pretty long and this post is long enough already. If you like, I'll post them. I'd really appreciate any input you would have as to what might be going on here.

Thanks in advance! :)

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