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Here is what I understand about the distribution of Iron in your body -- the way the body is suppose to deal with iron is -- 65% of the iron in your body is in the red blood cells of your hemogolbin.

4% is in the muscle tissure myoglobin and about 30% is stored in your blood ferritin that is in your liver, bone marrow and spleen and a small amount is in the blood stream as part of a protein -- transferrin.

The ferrtin level is the amount used for storage -- to be used when your body needs it. If it is not in the normal range then something is wrong--- and not all doctors can properly diagnose the problem and there is a problem even if you feel ok.

When your blood storage level is low (ferritin) --- bleeding for what ever reason without an adequate storeage -- could cause serious problems. This includes periods that may cause heavy bleeding.

On 2/12/2002-- I was taking an anti-clotting drug -Plavix and I had severe bleeding of a divertiular in my colon that would not clot -- I lost about half of my blood before I passed out in the ER -- it only took 2 1/2 hours from beginning to passing out. My hemoglobin went from 15.8 to 8.4 and my Gastro Doctor gave me a Vitamin K shot that stopped the bleeding and this probably saved my life. I could not stand up without passing out all day.

I had a colonoscopy that day but no bleeding was found -- I was given 2 units of whole blood and my hemoglobin came up to 11.1 and I was sent home the same day -- I looked so pale and was so weak-- it was scary. I looked like a ghost.

On 3/3 I was admitted to the hospital with the same type bleeding-- the bleeding area of my colon was found this time and I was not on any anti clotting med. After some discussion with a Colorectal Surgeon, on 3/4 I had 2 1/2 feet of my colon was removed.

Since then, I have read alot about all sorts of blood problems including anemias. I believe that had my ferritin level been low in 2002 -- I would not be writting this today -- the last thing I remember before passing out in the ER was a blood pressure level of 56/23.

I think you should see a Doctor that is Qualified to treat blood iron problems. I think a Hematologist is properly trained.

I wish ya'll well---Harry

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