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I started to eat ice (pica). I've never even put much ice in my drinks before. I had crushed ice all the time even took it to the bath and driving. My daughter finally told me that I was out of control. I also thought that it was strange. I did this for about 6 months, I looked it up on the Internet. Information said, eating ice is a sign of anemia. I still didn't really believe it. I thought anemia was just something like getting a cold. I never realized.

I knew I was having Labs done by my Endo so I "waited" to tell him at my apt. I also learned from the Internet that I need to ask for a Ferritin test. So my Doc had no problems doing this for me. Then 3 days later the Doctor called me at home one morning and said it's not an emergency but I need to return his call. He said, I had a 2 Ferritn and 8.5 Hgb., and that I need to see my PCP. I only had on faint spell before this when I was cleaning my bathroom one day. Other than that I had no symptoms and felt fine. My Hemo said, that I had been like this for a very long time that is why I didn't notice.

I wish that I would have done something sooner. Don't put off seeing a doctor. FLFLOWERGIRL

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