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If it helps any, i first began correcting my iron levels with over the counter iron pills which began constipating me. I then went to a liquid iron supplement which didn't give me any bad side effects, however it was very slow working. When i moved on to see a Trichologist about my hair loss and low ferretin levels he said that the liquid supplement was too low a dosage and i would never build up my iron levels fast using this. He then got me onto a high powered iron supplement in powdered form which ended up giving me IBS symptoms. He then added some 'organic' iron tablets to be taken with the powdered supplement and this settled my stomach. At the time he explained the difference between organic and nonorganic, but i can't recall everything he said. I think the organic ones allow for a normal bowel movement and don't upset the stomach.

Anyway, the stuff he gave me didn't make that much difference or perhaps it's simply my body which isn't for some reason absorbing the iron as readily as it should. Now i'm on a course of iron injections for 5 weeks and then we'll do a blood test and see where i stand.

If the tablets you are taking are causing problems, don't be afraid to speak to a chemist and get some advice, or even your doctor as there is a big difference from one type of iron supplement to the next when it comes to side effects and discomfort.

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