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Newly Anemic
Jul 24, 2007
Hello all, I am new here and have just been diagnosed with anemia. i am female and 30 years old.
My levels are: Hemoglobin 10 and Ferritin 4
I have all the typical symptoms of iron deficency anemia: tiredness, chest pain, palpatations and rapid heart rate, weakness, dizziness, tingling, headache and brain fog, slow healing etc
My anemia is possibley due to my vegetarian diet, heavy periods, IBS and habitual use of nsaids for migriane.
My GP believes that my anemia has been long term and is responsible for some of my other health problems of recent years. He says that treating my anemia should improve if not cure my Mirgaine, and that the problems I have had with my weight should improve and that I should begin to find weightloss easier once my iron levels are brought up.
I understand that Headaches can be a sign of anemia so I can see the logic in that treating it should help with my mirgaine, has anyone else experiance of this?
However with the weight issue I am not so sure because I always thought that weightloss was symptomatic of anemia and not weight gain. My GP says not so and that he suspects that my very low energy levels due to anemia have prompted me to over eat to compensate and at the same time left me to fatigued for exercise. I do actually exercise but while most people find exercise invigorating I find that I feel exhasted and sore for days after and often very lightheaded and dizzy after working out.
Another thing is during exercise when I am working out moderately to hard I experiance angina type chest pain. I was refered to a cardiologist and my heart tested normal. I did a stress/exercise test but they only ever asked me to walk on a treadmill so I never got close to the more moderate intensity I needed to recreate the chest pain. I told them this and they dismissed my concerns saying it would have showed up at that level. That was about 18 months ago and I still get the same pain if I try to exercise to a higher intensity. I wonder now if the anemia could be causing this as well as the dizziness after exercise?
I am also due to have my thyroid checked and am having my blood sugar levels monitored. I'm sorry this is a bit of a ramble, I just has so many questions at the moment so any help anyone could give with the above queries would be wonderful.

Thanks for reading!

Anne x

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