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Re: Newly Anemic
Jul 25, 2007

I have most of the symptoms that you have listed. I am not a "headache" person; however, when my anemia was at its worst, I was getting these horrible, "icepick-in-my-eye" headaches that were debilitating. As I have started using iron, they have abated to a degree although I still get them from time to time in a milder form.

As for your chest pain, I'm just not sure. It could easily be from the anemia since when you are working hard your heart is straining for oxygen.

I have the same feelings after exercise that you do. Sometimes it will just poop me out for DAYS after 30 minutes on the treadmill.

I also had major NSAIDS use due to period cramps and clotting. I was directed to use Motrin heavily during these times and I did for years. When I had an upper endoscopy, there was bleeding found in my stomach. They don't think this *caused* the iron depletion, but it certainly did not help.

As for the weight issue--during the whole diagnosis phase, I was having trouble even keeping my weight up. Admittedly though, during that time, I was under severe stress. My dog was killed, I was undergoing followup for my thyroid cancer, and the fact that I had unexplained anemia scared the crap out of me.

Once all my tests were completed, I have rapidly put on 10 lbs and am now trying to make sure that the iron is not interfering with my Synthroid.

Bottom line: Overall I think your doctor is spot on with what he is telling you.

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