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I was wondering if anyone could help me understand these test results Please:D :D :D

I have recently been diagnosed with a malabsorbtion problem with Iron and B12, I am now on monthly b12 injections and have to undergo further testing due to liver enzymes :confused: . I also have been recently diagnosed with a multi nodular goitre,( Thyroid ) autoantibodies test was not normal, but the TSH was in normal limits 0.98 1.49 (0.35 - 5.50 ) miu/L :dizzy:

I dont fully understand whats going on with me, or what all these following results mean I would love to hear anyones thoughts
Cheers Ellie


B12 191
RBC Folate 1013

serum Iron 8.6
saturation 12
Low Iron Saturation but serum ferritin indicates adequate iron stores

wcc is 12.2 (4.0 -11.0 ) x109/l
neutro 8.2
Esr 41 (<21)
RBC are normochronic normocytic. Platelets are plentiful. Mild Neutrophilia present.
Hi Christine, Thankyou for your reply, I have 9 pages of blood test results which is spinning me out, The Ferritin is 49 ug/L On the Test results comment is Low iron saturation but serum ferritin indicates adequate Iron Stores.

I have not been tested for anything else yet as my GP wanted me to see a specialist about my Thyroid as she thought that it may of been the cause of the problems, But because my Tsh was within the Limits the Endo just wants me monitored,

Throglobulin Antibodies 18 (<60 )
Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 67 (<60)
Comment Elevated levels of Thyroid antibodies maybe associated with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Idiopathic hypothyroidism, and Thyrotoxicosis.

I just feel like I am on a roller coaster, and from what I have read Anemia and Thyroid have a lot of the same Symptoms, But my Thyroid is working ok,according to the Tsh results.

I am due for another B12 and she has also put me on blood preasure medication, I am 47 yrs old and the memory Issues scare me the most, I dont have much energy but that I can live with, I just got to push myself and keep going. but the memory issues cause conflict.

I also had a problem a number of years ago, Where I had to have Vit K Injections before I could have surgery, so I am also wondering about that now
which I will ask my Gp about :confused:

Well Thankyou once again for your help, Cheers Ellie
Hi Ellie,

Did you ever get any answers? I had the same thing... all my iron levels were fine, but Iron Saturation was low at 13. I also had slightly High Liver Enzymes ALT at 41. Although, it's only slightly high, I'm a bit concerned because my ALT was only at 15 3 months ago. I also have elevated adrenal levels and extremely high Epstein Barr Virus IgG titers. I am waiting for another round of blood test results and I'm hoping to get a referral to an Endo soon. Have your doctors checked your adrenals or for elevated EBV?

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