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Thank goodness for Ferritin tests! Yes, I have had that very thing happen to me but my HGB went down to 8.5 before I caught it. I got sick 6 months ago and they all told me I must take care of the blood loss. Which I found hard to believe it was my periods. They have been heavy all my life. I finally had the Endometrial Ablation in June. I was told that you can still have heavy periods for two months then get better or stop. I was lucky mine stopped. Every time my blood count would rise my period would come. I felt like that's all I was doing was having periods. Then I became afraid to have one. I would get so weak from them. Finally, I was told it would be a transfusion or ablation so I chose the ablation. I'm so glad that I did because I was checked out by my GYN and said all was fine on ultrasound. When she did the ablation found 7 polyps. She said this was the cause of my heavy bleeding. No, I disagree it was the cause of my hemorrhaging that I thought was normal for me. So we didn't know that until SX. This has worked well for me.

I get my ferritin and cbc on Tuesday. I pray that my numbers have started to respond better to supplements.

You need to get your ferritin between 50-70 mostly 70 and up to stop the hair loss and all the other fun symptoms. Good luck!

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