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I complained years ago but was not told about this procedure. Just offered me the pill which I didn't want because of family history. I should have done something many years ago but really was ignorant to all this. Up until the last two years my CBC was normal. Who knows what my Ferritin really was. It was never checked.

The ablation was the balloon procedure where they heat it up and burn out the layer. I had palpitations after the SX. I can't take pain meds because I have a sensitive stomach. They told me that the mild cramping would be about 6 hrs. and then it would just go away. Well, my cramping was a little worse I suppose because of the polyps being removed. After about 6 hours I had to break down and take 2 advil. My heart just kept on racing. It wasn't anything unbearable but it was not a piece of cake. I finally went to sleep woke up at 3:00am and there was no pain just as they said, it just went away. I had mild bleeding afterwards for 2 days with clear discharge after a
2-3 days. They want schedule right after a period so that the lining is thinned out for best results. I went in 2 days after mine. I missed my first period so I guess they are gone for now. At least until the lining builds up again. It is different for everyone.

My friend had been put on the pill to stop her periods before SX. Then she bled a lot more than I did. They even ended up putting her back on the pill to stop the bleeding. Now she found out that she will bleed again up to 10 days due to the pill. We had SX a day apart and she is still going through this, since 6/20. So, you see how different it can be. She took pain meds after and didn't have much cramping the day of SX. FLFLOWERGIRL

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