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Hi raisingirl! Yes, I'm positive that anemia is always the result of something else going on. Anyone else can jump in here too to confirm!

Here are some common causes of anemia -

- diet that does not consist of enough iron
- malabsortion problems where your body doesn't absorb iron and other vitamins
- for women, our monthly cycle commonly causes anemia
- GI bleeding, which is why most doctors will order a colonoscopy/endoscopy when they find someone is anemic
- cancer (well this one isn't as common as the others but it is a cause of anemia)
- autoimmune disorders, which can be hereditary so maybe that is why you have a family history of anemia
- B12 deficiency can also cause anemia

Those are some reasons as to why people become anemic. I know I left some stuff off so if anyone else has any input that would be great! Anemia is always the result of something going on. If you are unsure of this I would encourage you to talk to your doctor. The reason your doctor may have not run any further tests on your daughter is because, like you said, he didn't find her to be anemic. Also, you mentioned that you have been borderline anemic in the past and that is probably why your doctor didn't run any further tests on you as well. Regarding your father, did they ever do any further testing to find out why he was anemic? Anytime a male is anemic it is taken a bit more seriously than when women are anemic because men shouldn't be losing any blood at all, unlike us women who have to deal with that every month! I honestly don't think men could deal with what we go through every month!! Well I hope this helps a little ~

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