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I have read that stretch marks can be due to insufficient zinc in the diet. Some people will even get low zinc signs by those little white spots on their nails. I too have noticed with friends who developed too fast that they ended up with stretch marks eg: my cousin has very big breasts but has lots of stretch marks over them as they grew way too fast.

I can understand completely with the heavy periods. I began my period at 14 and it was heavy for two weeks at a time for a long time until things settled. I wasn't able to play any sport in school during this time and my sport teacher would get angry with me saying that a period is no excuse to swimming and other sports and she would embarrass me on purpose in front of the class. What i couldn't get across to her is that my periods were supper heavy and i had to use 2 pads, just incase i couldn't get to the toilet to change on time. It went on for about a year and then settled.

It's probably a good idea that you have gotten your daughter onto the pill, but i would speak to a gyn just incase the heavy periods are related to something else, like fibroids (not sure whether very young girls get fibroids of the develop in some people as you get older?). If you have to be on the pill then you have to, but personally i would be afraid of taking it from such a young age and then virtually all the way to menopause. I still dont fully trust what it can possibly do to you side effect-wise.

While your daughter is on the pill she ought to be on a Multi Vitamin B as BCP depletes you of your Vitamin B's which can lead to tireness and even depression. It can also cause yeast infections in some people in which case taking a daily probiotic would help.

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