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Lizzy your post did make sense and it is important that people get themselves thoroughly checked out before jumping to conclusions as quite a number of health issues share the same symptoms, especially feeling constant tiredness.

I never knew the word ferretin existed until i had a blood test nearly a year and a half ago to be told my ferretin was 8, this didnt mean much to me, but my doctor was in a bit of a panic. The problem was that the symptoms i had seemed normal to me and i wouldn't have known my ferretin had dropped so low if it wasn't for a the dr giving me a routine blood test due to something else. I simply put my symptoms down to exhaustion due to work and ignored it all, except for my dramatic hair shedding over the past 6yrs which i hope will stop once my ferretin levels get up to a higher level. As for the energy and tiredness, i have seen a marked improvement, especially in the mornings, after my 4th iron injection last week.

Going back to what your post was about, about 10yrs ago i had what i thought might have been chronic fatigue, but i also had quite a lot of yeast infections i couldn't get rid of. In the end the immense fatigue and lack of motivation was due to a bad candida overgrowth in my stomach, which also led to bad IBS for many months and due to this my body wasn't absorbing enough vitamins and minerals. Finding a doctor who could treat this rather than telling me to go buy an over the counter yeast cream was difficult in itself but i found one who fixed it all and i haven't looked back since.

Another recent case was a girl i work with who was virtually falling asleep at the wheel of her car each afternoon while driving home. We were sure it was low iron as she is a vegetarian, but in the end her Vitamin B stores were low due to being on birth control.

I think the main problem is that a lot of dr's dont investigate symptoms thoroughly which leads to people getting frustrated and coming up with their own conclusions regarding the symptoms they have.

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