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I've noticed that a lot of people have been posting lately about feeling fatigued and other symptoms that could be associated with anemia. People have shared that their labs are at the low end of normal, either their hemologlobin is low end of normal or their ferriten is at the low end of the range.

It seems like it's easy to write off your symptoms as being due to having a ferriten that is at the low end of normal but I would encourage everyone to keep looking for the real cause of your symptoms. It's important to keep in mind that when looking at your labs that if the numbers are in the normal range, no matter if they're at the low end of normal, that they are "NORMAL" and that perhaps you should look at other reasons for why you're feeling so crappy.

As we all know, most women have a ferriten that is at the low end of normal due to our monthly cylces and that's not unusual. Also, when tested most women have a hemoglobin that is at the low end of normal as well, which is why most women typically can't donate blood. I'm not saying that taking an iron supplement isn't a good idea... I think it's a great idea to keep your numbers up and all of that stuff, along with a dailty mutlivitiman if you can, but I wouldn't put everything into taking iron and trying to raise a ferriten that is in normal range, without looking at other things as well.

My old boss had a ferriten that was in the normal range, but at the low end of normal and she was thinking that was the cause of her fatigue and other symptoms. However, her doctor was persistant and told her that although her ferriten was at the low end of the range, it was still in range and her hemoglobin looked great so he wanted to pursue a couple of other things and it turned out that she had severe addrenal fatigue... not at all related to her ferriten, which technically there was nothing wrong with her ferriten because it was in range! Also, thyroid problems are something to look into as well. I'm guess I'm just worried about people focusing too much on labs that are not that abnormal and thinking that's the cause of their symptoms without looking into other things. There are SO many other things that could be going on that could cause fatigue, shortness of breath, etc, aside from having a ferritin that is in range, just at the bottom of the range.

I hope this doesn't come across in a bad way or anything, and that it even makes sense!! Like I said, I would just encourage people to keep looking if their numbers are pretty much in the normal range... push your doctors to keep looking at a cause for your symptoms!! The reason I'm posting this is because none of us deserve to live our lives with fatigue and other crappy symptoms.... we all deserve to have a doctor who will take into consideration everything that we tell him/her and then have them figure out what's going on with us!!! Take care everyone ~


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