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When my B12 levels were low, I had constant twitching. It drove me crazy. I feared I had some terrible disease. But once they got the B12 levels up with injections, the twitches went away.

Good Morning Girls.... I have had the awful leg twitches for sosososo long. The doctor would tell me it was due to an iron deficiency, but he mever did anything about it. Then I got so tired and miserable he sent me to the hematologist and I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. After 7 months on massive doses of oral iron and NO improvement in the energy level or the horrible leg twitching, I received my first iron infusion on Tuesday. I will let you all know if it helps. When I would tell the hematologist about the leg situation she would never really give my any answer...I thought that was odd because my other doctor's had always said there was a connection between RLS symptoms and iron deficiency. We will see.....I have my fingers crossed. We built me a new WONDERFUL bathroom right off my bedroom and put a Jacuzzi bathtub in it. That tub has been my savior. Last night I was in it a 1:30 AM trying to get my legs to calm down...and it REALLY helps. I can't begin to tell you how many nights I have gotten out of the bed and drawn the bath. 20 minutes of so in the moving warm water seems to calm them down. My B12 and Folic Acid levels are both OK, so I cannot blame the twitching and moving on those....I truly believe mine relates directly to the iron deficiency. My legs also bother me during the daytime when I am sitting an trying to knit or read. People that do not have this problem have no clue how disconcerting and miserable it is. Hope you all get some relief...keep in touch. Genie

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