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I was sent a note by the local clinic after going to have some lab work done. Well it said slight anemia and to call. So I called two days ago, (this is the third) and was told the Dr. would call me back on Monday as soon as he was without a patient. Well this clinic has done this before, just don't call back unless I bug them and I am sick of it. They sent me a note but won't tell me if I should do anything and I'm not thrilled.

I'm tired, I'm dizzy, I have symptoms like the RLS, my heart palpitations have been pretty bad and exertion sends my heart racing. So since the iron isnt that low I don't know if it could be causing any of this.

Anyway I got a copy of the lab work and the numbers are below normal but not super low. Maybe someone else can help me with their experiences??

The low ones read
Hematocrit 36............... Normal is 37.0-48.0
MCV 76............... Normal is 81-101
MCH 24.3............ Normal is 27.0-33.0
MCHC 31.9.............Normal is 32.0-36.0

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