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Just thought i'd mention a couple of other possibilites regarding the tiredness, are you on birth control pills and are you taking a vitamin B complex supplement? of the girls i work with was virtually falling asleep while driving home after work. We got her to ask her doctor for a thorough check up as she would drink coffee at work to stay awake in the afternoon, but the coffee was giving her IBS. She also works shorter hours than the rest of us so shouldn't be as tired as she is and she has no kids and is only 24, isn't a party animal and gets enough sleep each night.

Her doctor said that all was ok, but this girl has been on birth control for maybe a year now and the tiredness wasn't an issue prior to going on birth controll pills. It works out that its lack of vitamin B due to BCP.

What took all my energy away was years ago when i had yeast infections continously over a period of time. Even when i thought i had gotten rid of the yeast infections it was still affecting me due to overgrowth of candida in the gut. I thought i had chronic fatigue until i got tested and yeast came up. The tiredness i would feel back then was exactly the same as when my ferretin levels were at their lowest. These days it's so easy to end up with a yeast problem as a lot of the foods we eat is very yeast friendly, plus antibiotics, birth control pills etc.

Doctors who never call back are not worth keeping. I would definitely look at changing doctors. I don't have the patience with doctors who dont do the right thing by me anymore!!

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