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Mom2rsl--You might want to get a copy of your labs. The ablation wasn't scary for me because I was really sick for 7mo.'s. I didn't have a choice. You can search the different procedures on Healthboards and see what others have done and the net of course.

Yes, you can have 0 storage and be anemic or not even anemic with very low storage. If you absorb the supplements well your anemia should resolve itself in a fair amount of time. And you have to be on the right amount of iron to do this. I read that HGB should respond in 30-45 days. Many of us here have a low Ferrritin. Being dangerous, it's definitely not a good thing. They told me that you need a transfusion at a 7 HGB. Some doctors would infuse you but I think most want you to try through the supplement route first.???? As long as the Ferritin is going up. Your future labs will tell you if it is getting better that's how you will know. Your doctor will also guide you through this. Just ask her all these questions. We can only say what has happened to us. We are not doctors, we are just getting a hard education. As far as dropping dead, we are all here chatting with you!!:) FLFLOWERGIRL

Christine--I understand what you are saying about your cycle not being bad enough to cause a problem. I didn't think mine was either. I read that if you want to know if this is the problem get a CBC before and after your cycle. I did this, it is not easy just happened by chance. Two CBC's in one week because I was having the SX. I was 10.8 I knew I was having the SX so I went back on iron 2X daily. Then I had my period. 2 days later I had SX and the HGB count was 10.9 Because I was able to replace enough iron than lost. All this was in 7 days time. I thought that was interesting. When I was on half the iron I dropped 1 point in 6 weeks with 2 periods. My doctor said I had a hole in my bucket and it would never fill up if I didn't do something about it. Or I could be on iron until menopause. I guess it doesn't have to be a great amount for some people. I don't think that we will ever know. We just have to correct all these things to fill the ferritin. It ALL helps. :) FLFLOWERGIRL

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