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Even though your ferritin is low--which indicates iron deficiency, you don't look to be anemic. I don't have your reference range for the hemoglobin, but I believe a 13.6 is on the low side of normal. While iron deficiency is important to be treated, the real danger is when you start getting into the anemia stages and you don't seem to be too bad off in that regard.

Try to take as much iron as you can tolerate. My ferritin was at a 5 and I was taking Spatone Iron + twice per day (this is readily available in Wales--I can no longer get it here in the States) and it is VERY gentle. Then I was also taking one children's chewable vitamin which contained ferrous fumerate. This is the *only* combo that did not upset my stomach and my ferritin has started to rise. I don't get checked again until November so I don't know how well it continues.
I would not worry about needing a transfusion!!! You are nowhere near needing one, not at all!!! You are not even anemic, you only have a low ferriten. People are considered anemic once their hemoglobin and hematocrit are low, and even at that most people are put on oral iron to raise their levels. If the oral iron does not work then some people get iron infusions which usally help bring up your levels. From what my doctor has told me they don't even consider transfusions until your hemoglobin gets down to 7 or below. You are VERY far from that as you are not even anemic and your hemoglobin is just fine. So hopefully this will ease your mind a bit... maybe your sister thought that your hemoglobin was at a 4, not your ferriten.... if your hemoglobin was at a 4 you would definitely need a transfusion!

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