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Iron injections and iron infusions are two totally different things so you shouldn't get the two confused.

From what i have read on here, people who got the infusions where there for about 2hrs getting it done.

Iron injections are done easy within 30 seconds. I've been having a course of these over the last 5weeks, one per week. My last one is tomorrow, then i wait 3 or 4 weeks for a blood test to see where my levels are up to.

The injections have not caused any side effects for me. The only pain was a couple of times when the dr administered the injection and the only after effect was feeling as though the muscle in my upper thigh was a bit stiff, but you are supposed to walk around afterwards anyway and this feeling subsides. After my very first injection i went into a faint, but that was b/c i had missed my lunch, was sick with the flu, had waited in line at the surgery for an hour & a half for my turn and i got up of the table/bed thingy too fast. Now each time i lay there for a few minutes just incase. I have been able to go to work and do all my normal activities without any dramas.

My dr printed out all the info and gave it to me beforehand so that i would be familiar with the product and the procedure.

With your ferretin level i would say you are very lucky to be offered injections as most dr's send their patients off to use those over the counter iron supplements which are extremely slow in working. Your dr should have checked your haemoglobin and your b12 levels also b/c if you are low in that area they can't give you the injections, but i'm sure you dr would have evaluated you from your blood test results to see whether you are a candidate for injections.

I only began feeling more energetic and less sleepy after my 4th injection. My dr was surprised as he said a lot of his other patients have felt great after the very first injection, but then i spoke to someone at work who had injections a couple of years ago and he said his only kicked in after the 5th injection. I guess everybody is an dividual, but you would kill a lot of time by getting the injections rather than spending close to a year (or more) if you are lucky in getting your levels right up. A lot of people on these boards have been battling for months and months or even over a year to get their levels up. Good luck and let us know how you go.

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