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[QUOTE=icecruncher;3150292]I have had a low ferritin level for nearly a year now and am stuggling to get my levels up. Whats really concerning me is that one of my newest side effects is difficulty swallowing-anybody else heard of this? Ive done a bit of research and apparently iron deficiency can be the cause and its called plummer vinson syndrome. I would really like any feedback from anybody who knows about this symdrome or is suffering from it. I havent been to the doctor yet but have had this problem for about 4 weeks. Its not like a sore throat its located more on one side of my windpipe and very painful. Thanks for reading.:confused:[/QUOTE]

No, I have no problem swallowing. I had a blood test three years ago that said I was borderline anemic. I couldn't take supplements or eat food with iron because of severe symptoms and chest pains. I also get tremendous pressure in my legs when I eat other vitamins (certain ones). Now I sleep 12 hours a day and have even more chest pains. I'm not sure if I can start eating iron rich foods though.

Thank you for your replies.

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