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I believe mine had occured over roughly a 6 yr period. The dr i was seeing at the time didn't seem to care about ferretin levels or anything much off my blood tests. He kept telling me everything was fine. I think he believe that if anything and everything was "within range" then you were ok. Sheesh, i could be a dr if that is the only knowledge required to read test results!!

In april 2006 i went to a new dr for something totally unrelated and on the blood test it came up as an 8 for my ferretin. The way this dr reacted i thought she was going to tell me i had cancer or something.

It wasn't until i visited a Trichologist (hair/scalp specialist) regarding my constant hair shedding over the last 6yrs and after he checked my old test results and ran some new ones he determine the hair shedding was due to constant low ferretin.

Just by looking at me he asked whether i had always had such large eyes. I thought he was referring to my actually eyes as i did have large eyes, but he was referring to the outer and inner eye area. Apparently the eye area can swell and eyes can even look as though they are protruding outwards, rather than just sitting within the socket. For a few years i had felt as though my eyes were swollen and they would feel tired and i would put it down to looking at a computer most of the day. I was to find out that this was related to the thyroid. When i went later to get iron injections, the nurse at the clinic asked me also whether i had a thyroid condition without seeing any results.

Now that i've had my course of iron injections my eyes no longer feel swollen, i dont get a burning feeling in my eyes when i close them and i no longer feel that severe lack of motivation and tiredness that i used to feel. Definitely have more get up and go than i can remember having before.

So i suppose i could say that my low iron levels over 6yrs caused the usual tiredness, lack of motivation, hair thinning uniformly all over (there is constant regrowth, but doesnt last the distance), thyroid related problems, burning/swollen feeling around eyes.

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