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[QUOTE=bananarama;3152163]Thanks so much for the info!! I appreciate it! My doctor told me to take it with food, due to my already really sensitive stomach. I have been on Reglan and Phenergan for close to a year now for constant nausea (you'd think it would have gone away after the gallbladder was removed).
So, since my ferritin was below 10, that means I don't have any iron stored up in my bone marrow? Or is it once your iron gets below 10? I am also on Prevacid, so should I take the iron at lunch, as I take Prevacid two times a day? Thanks fo rht einformation! I really appreciate it![/QUOTE]

I have always had a sensitive stomach. When I started iron I was told to take 3X daily/Ferris Sulfate OTC. I became very ill within 3 days but continued because I didn't know what else to do. I had a (8.5 Hgb w/2Ferritin)then had bad reflux that burned up my insides and gave me IBS. I was on this for 2 1/2 wks before the new (GI) doc put me on a milder form of iron, poly Iron 150 caps. I remained nauseated for about 5-6 mo.'s everyday then it just went away. Then I tried it on an empty stomach and actually had better luck than with food. I think that w/food the iron stayed in my stomach too long. I do take it with glass after glass of water. My numbers started to climb much faster because I was getting the right amount of intake iron as needed. I believe that your supplement has 151 mg of elemental iron. I now take 150--2X daily as was prescribed 7 mo.'s ago. My Hgb is now above 12.9 with a Ferritin 9. You have to try different things and don't give up!

I don't think that one point on your Ferritin test is worth counting. So I would say either way you are very low! I'm just going by the info that is out there and what my doc Hematologist says. I did find one site that said under 20. You will have to ask your doctor. Anyway you are very low.

Taking your Iron w/lunch is probably a good idea considering your schedule. FLFLOWERGIRL:cool:
Bananarama--You have your share of things, but are much younger:). I'm sorry that you have so much to deal with too.

I can't imagine having kidney stones either. That must have been painful to say the least. And I hate to go to the ER (phobia) whitecoat. My Hematologist doesn't wear a coat, he's Mr. Stud and wears jeans. He says he does that to make patients feel comfortable. He deals with cancer patients and is very personable.

As far as the meds. I decided not to take them. I don't think that it is necessary. As long as the pain isn't too bad. Sometimes I just want to scream!

Your so lucky to go to MAYO. I often think about that. Your much closer than I am. It would be a little trip for me. I get new insurance in 90 days, I'll have to see if they will cover me then.

I went to the Neuro today for Nerve Conduction Testing, I'll go back on Monday for the results. At least the tech said that this will R/O about 4 more things.

Nyxie--Funny you should say that about the peripheral neuropathy I was just tested for this today. I do have food allergies but they have never given me a problem that I know of. I had this happen before about 20 yrs ago and it went away. They couldn't find it at that time either. This is so much more. It starts in my neck, shoulders, left side of my face both arms and both feet. It makes my head fell like a hangover--(not that I would know what that is like) LOL. And... I am heat sensitive. and have weakness sometime in my legs. I was on the couch for 3 months. In this first three months of being sick I thought it was the anemia, the head stuff. It wasn't until I was over the anemia that I realized I was still sick with this. Before I start my period now I feel like I have the flue.

The doctors only pick the symptoms that they want to listen to and address only those. When I ask questions they say you don't have this and that, it's anxiety. They are the one's causing this undue stress for me.

Monday I go back ( to doctor #9) and see what they have to say, and tell them I don't want their meds. I thought that I was a ********* getting off the Xanax with withdraws. That was crazy.

Sounds like maybe your thyroid might be acting up??? You think that it is food? Have you ever had allergy testing done. I used to take shots for it. Not for foods though. Thanks for your ideas. I'm going to go search for myself more on this tonight. Whatever I have came on 3 days after my DX with anemia 8.5 and Ferritin 2. Maybe it's just related to that somehow??? I'm really tired trying to figure things out. Thanks to you both for all your support. I will let you know when we figure something out. Until then......FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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