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[QUOTE=bananarama;3152163]Thanks so much for the info!! I appreciate it! My doctor told me to take it with food, due to my already really sensitive stomach. I have been on Reglan and Phenergan for close to a year now for constant nausea (you'd think it would have gone away after the gallbladder was removed).
So, since my ferritin was below 10, that means I don't have any iron stored up in my bone marrow? Or is it once your iron gets below 10? I am also on Prevacid, so should I take the iron at lunch, as I take Prevacid two times a day? Thanks fo rht einformation! I really appreciate it![/QUOTE]

I have always had a sensitive stomach. When I started iron I was told to take 3X daily/Ferris Sulfate OTC. I became very ill within 3 days but continued because I didn't know what else to do. I had a (8.5 Hgb w/2Ferritin)then had bad reflux that burned up my insides and gave me IBS. I was on this for 2 1/2 wks before the new (GI) doc put me on a milder form of iron, poly Iron 150 caps. I remained nauseated for about 5-6 mo.'s everyday then it just went away. Then I tried it on an empty stomach and actually had better luck than with food. I think that w/food the iron stayed in my stomach too long. I do take it with glass after glass of water. My numbers started to climb much faster because I was getting the right amount of intake iron as needed. I believe that your supplement has 151 mg of elemental iron. I now take 150--2X daily as was prescribed 7 mo.'s ago. My Hgb is now above 12.9 with a Ferritin 9. You have to try different things and don't give up!

I don't think that one point on your Ferritin test is worth counting. So I would say either way you are very low! I'm just going by the info that is out there and what my doc Hematologist says. I did find one site that said under 20. You will have to ask your doctor. Anyway you are very low.

Taking your Iron w/lunch is probably a good idea considering your schedule. FLFLOWERGIRL:cool:

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