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Have you considered seeing a good Osteopath

what are your potassium and sodium numbers like?

I'm pretty sure my reaction is to the corn itself. Don't get the palps every time after eating anymore, but noticed it when I have something that's obviously processed corn-based (like corn chips or nachos) and the fatigue afterward is a pretty good sign too. Going to bring it up to WonderDoc when I see him. It's going to be a loooong appointment. LOL![/QUOTE]

Oh yes indeed they are! The strange thing is, at the lowest numbers that I had at DX, I didn't even feel it or know that anything was wrong, basically felt great. day I cleaned the bathroom and almost blacked out. Then I went to my Endo. He sent me with lab results to my PCP and he started me on iron. Didn't know what to give me so he sent me to the Pharm, they said, Ferris Sulfate 3X. Within 3 days of this I became very weak with enteritis for 3 months. Ended up in the ER and they just sent me home after getting mad at me for being there. By that time I was no long anemic:confused: .

They thought that it was the iron. Went off the iron became anemic again and still enteritis, so the GI doc said it's not the iron now. I was so ill I had all of my doctors calling me at home, not their MA's. :( It was really crazy. That's how I know that it is not stress related. I've just been really ill and they don't know why. My thinking is that I got so run down that whatever was lurking about in my body decided to take over. I think it's an alien:D ! Can't wait until Monday to chat with my Neuro and get results. I see my PCP the next day and I'm going to request my Ferritin to see what's happening with that. My hair is 95% corrected since hitting 20.

This might sound dumb, but what does an Osteopath do? Holistic, no way. My sister keeps saying that too. But, in my situation I feel that I need more conventional medicine and their knowledge. For what that's worth?

I have listed my lab values below:
Sodium, Serum is 138.......... range 135-148
Potassium, Serum is 4.1........range 3.5-5.5. What does this tell you? This was done on 5/30.

I was getting Palps so bad when I was anemic. But never with food. I also got it after I ate due to the digestion process. Glad you aren't having this anymore. My doctors would tell you that it is STRESS and ANXIETY! L WAY OL. Fatigue after eating, could it be something about the digestion process like the Palps were for me? That is so hard, the diet to try to figure it all out. I did food testing many years ago, came up corn, wheat and peanuts, but it doesn't seem to effect me. I don't know what I would do without NACHOS. I wonder if you would react to the blue corn this way?

Thanks so much for your thoughts, it really IS greatly appreciated. Going crazy here, literally. By the time they get done with me, I will need their drugs! Can't wait to see what you have to say about my labs? FLFLOWERGIRL:cool:
bikerbabe-- I think the reason your confused by who has what is because we have too many things to be confused about!

Your post interested me because of the symptoms that you listed that sent you to MAYO clinic. I have had strange symptoms MS like since I became anemic 9 months ago. Now that the anemia is resolved, I'm working on my Ferritin level but a lot of symptoms like numbness and tingling in my face hands and feet still remain. I was told it's anxiety, but I don't believe it because I also have muscle weakness and balance issues when I get tired or hot. It's really crazy, the Neurologist says that I just need to take it easy and it takes time to heal after being so ill and at my age he said that twice. I am beginning to think maybe it's FIBRO too???? I just don't know much about it. Can you give me some info on this? FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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