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What are the side effects of Chromagen Forte Caplet TRX?
Why was Mayo worried but not my PCP?
How long before it starts to work?
Why is it prescribed, when there are over the counter iron supplements?
Does it interact with any medications?

I couldn't find any info on this drug online, and no monograph was available through CVS. I just want to know what it is going to do. Let me go and find those labs, and I can post them up here.

Any advice would be amazing!![/QUOTE]

1. Side effects of iron are very much an individual experience. Depends how sensitive your system is. If you do have them they are usually GI related problems. If upset occurs you can take with food. Know that when you do this iron absorption is decreased by 50% or more. This is not a fast way of replacing iron. Sometimes this is the only way it just takes longer.

2. I think that Mayo is right on the mark with a DX. Sorry YOUR pcp didn't tell you, always get labs and read them.

3. Not sure exactly. Also, depending on your reason for anemia it could take a very long time. Usually HGB should respond to treatment within to 30-45 days to resolve if it is diet related or blood loss has stopped and iron is well absorbed IF, IF, IF! TIME.

4. The reason for RX instead of OTC is usually due to problems with upset and your doc know this and prescribes a milder form. A big reason is because you can get a much higher does than OTC which is needed to fill your Ferritin iron stores that are empty. This takes up to 1 fill with oral iron. There is no iron left in the bone marrow under 10 my doc said.

5. There are drug interactions with the use of iron. You really need to look this up there is a lot of information about this. Thyroid (Synthroid)meds are not to be taken within 4 hrs. Iron is decreased by PPI's (Nexium) type drugs. And other things.

Information on the type of iron that has been prescribed for you is a Vitamin/mineral combination-that means it has iron, folic acid, C to increase iron absorption and B-12 to enhance blood cell development. The manufacturer is Ther-RX. I think that is the TRX that you put after the name Chromagen Forte Caps. Just search the name. With regular iron you have to add a vit/minerals and c to do all these things that yours has in it already.
Nyxie--Went to the Endo. Because he knows that I've not seen him for 1 yr. because I've been sick for 9 months now. He only wanted to address my THYROID and nothing else. Although he ran a CMP and my ALT was up this time to 42 range 0-40 he said, he didn't think it was a problem it's just going up and down but to see my GI doc. Well, I can tell you right now that he doesn't want to see me again. I was sick and he blew me off. My PCP is crap and I'm really not too happy right now. My HGB is 13.9 from 8.5 and I'm pleased about that but have worked really hard at it. I wonder if the iron supplements can make the ALT go up? He said no not the iron. I feel if he ran the test then he should explain them too but NO! Do you think this is something to worry about or just recheck in a few months? FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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