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Those internal ultrasounds are a bit weird. All i wanted to do was go and pee, my bladder felt like it would burst and once the external ultrasound was over i was so ready to get out of there. The lady then told me that she might get better results if she did an internal as well. I didnt know what was involved until she stuck a condom on the gadget they use and up it went!!

Bananarama, couldn't they do a single thing to stop your 6 month long period? did they ever find out why that occured? I have tried various brands of BCP but they all had side effects of one sort or another ranging from migraines to major depression to blood clots. If i had stayed with modern medicine they would still have me on the BCP to regulate my period, whereas a naturopath has done it for me the natural way.

Nyxie - i think the herbs they used were meant to be secret, but they once accidentally left the bit of paper someone had written a list of my herbs on for the girl who makes the concoction and that list somehow fell into my handbag :) I dont have the measures which should be used, but i like holding onto the list for future reference.

The herbs used for me personally were skullcap, globe artichoke, bethroot (not sure if they meant beetroot?), sheperds purse and chaste tree. Actually chaste tree has been used since Roman times for a variety of things and its a great hormone balancer.

Speaking of herbs, Stinging Nettles are good for so many things ranging from anemia to thyroid. I make a cup of it daily and drink it. My thyroid isnt at the medication level, but its out enough to be causing symptoms and my specialist feels that once my ferretin levels get higher the thyroid should sort itself out. My naturopath said that they can do things for the thyroid herb-wise, but i thought i would wait and see what happens after my next scheduled blood test.

Anyway, best of luck with your tests and your treatments and stay positive.

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