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Back in June, my ferritin was at 7. As of the latest test results taken on July 26th (just got the results in the mail, with dr's notations), it's now up to 27! Dr says it's still low, but it's a pretty good jump for just a month of taking iron pills. Serum iron's at 56 (range 40-170), which the dr says is still a little low. CBC looks good, no anemia. Even my thyroid panel has improved. TSH has dropped from 1.83 down to 1.24. FT3 is 2.82 (2.30-4.20), which is still below midrange, probably because my ferritin's still somewhat low. FT4 is 1.13 (.89-1.76).

Have appts with a Gyn and Gastro tomorrow to eliminate possible causes for the low ferritin. The grown-up responsible part of me knows it's the right thing to do to keep the appts just to be on the safe side. Another part wonders if it's all really necessary, since there have been such marked improvements in a month simply by taking supplements. And yes, I'm going to keep the appts.

All that being said, I feel kinda like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I mean, that's it? Take iron pills and be "normal" again? Not that I want to be sick (frankly, it's a pain in the butt and seriously cramps my style), it's just that somehow this seems too easy. Maybe it's because after dealing with chronic health problems for so long, such a quick improvement seems unbelievable? The only things that have changed in the last 2 months are taking the iron pills and cutting down on my acid reflux meds, which I now take every other day instead of twice a day.

I realize that I'm neither "normal" nor healthy yet and this post probably makes me sound like a huge flake (certainly feel like one). Still, things are improving and I need to get this out somewhere as there really isn't anyone else who'll listen. What I probably need is some straight feedback and a kick in the butt.

Thanks for your indulgence. :)

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