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Gastric bypass is notorious for anemiaís especially B12 and Iron - it is very important for you to supplement your body and get injections of B12 often. Stomach acid is one of the major requirements for absorbing these two vitamins and with your surgery bypassing the stomach you are narrowing this process. B12 also requires a protein produced by your stomach that binds to it preparing it to be absorbed in the intestines.

I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia recently - my neurologist asked what type of surgery or problems I had with my stomach and digestive tract since someone my age generally does not have pernicious anemia. The look of surprise on his face when I said NONE, he ask the question again just in case I misunderstood. When he realized that I didn't have gastric bypass done or anything else, he followed it up by telling me he was quite shocked because generally anemia of my type and at my age is the result of surgery or other stomach problems.

I agree with ChristineVA you need to get to a doctor who will help you. Trust me the damage done by B12 anemia is not fun and can be permanent if it continues to long.

Good luck.:cool:

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