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I had gastric bypass surgery nearly 6 years ago now, lots of complications since but I've worked through most of them. For the past two years I've seriously battled anemia, last year I had a hysterectomy. My doctors thought that would take care of it, now my iron levels are really low again, even on iron therapy. I'm wondering if the bypass has anything to do with this? My bypass doctor had his license taken away so I've had no gastric follow up. Anyone else with similar experiences?
I believe that all types of anemia (B12 and iron deficiency) are quite common with gastric bypass. After the surgery, some people become unable to absorb the nutrients any more. You might take all the supplements in the world but if you can't absorb them they won't do you any good.

I suggest you follow up with a gastroenterologist or another doctor who specializes in gastric bypass and see what can be done. It may be that you need to have iron infusions and B12 shots.
Gastric bypass is notorious for anemiaís especially B12 and Iron - it is very important for you to supplement your body and get injections of B12 often. Stomach acid is one of the major requirements for absorbing these two vitamins and with your surgery bypassing the stomach you are narrowing this process. B12 also requires a protein produced by your stomach that binds to it preparing it to be absorbed in the intestines.

I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia recently - my neurologist asked what type of surgery or problems I had with my stomach and digestive tract since someone my age generally does not have pernicious anemia. The look of surprise on his face when I said NONE, he ask the question again just in case I misunderstood. When he realized that I didn't have gastric bypass done or anything else, he followed it up by telling me he was quite shocked because generally anemia of my type and at my age is the result of surgery or other stomach problems.

I agree with ChristineVA you need to get to a doctor who will help you. Trust me the damage done by B12 anemia is not fun and can be permanent if it continues to long.

Good luck.:cool:
I appreciate both of you taking the time to reply, I'm feeling so frustrated. I do get my B-12 shots monthly but the oral suppliment is obviously not enough. I need to find a good gastro doctor now since mine is no longer allowed to practice medicine. My GP doesn't seem to have a handle on this, not did the hemotolgist she sent me to, any ideas on how to find a good gastric doctor?
[QUOTE=fivelipps;3158454] I do get my B-12 shots monthly but the oral suppliment is obviously not enough. ... find a good gastric doctor?[/QUOTE]
[B][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I had RNY gastric bypass 5 1/2 years ago. My low ferritin problems started at about 3 years post-op. It is because we are not able to absorb iron orally. The area of absorbtion has been bypassed.
I have never had low B-12. I take sub-ligual B-12 (from Trader Joe's) and I get a B-12 shot once a month.
My issue is low ferritin. I have IV iron infusions of Infed every 6-8 months. My Hematologist orders them when my ferritin drops below 100. She said that the other iron numbers (hemoglobin, iron sat, etc..) fluctuate, so we go by my ferritin numbers. HTH
I had GB 5 yrs ago and had become severely anemic this year. I also have Thalassemia and I have been anemic all my life (runs in the family) so it is basically impossible for me to absorb oral iron at all. I am getting weekly IV Iron ferlicit, my hemoglobin was at a 6 back in March of this year, and as of the end of July I am at around 10.5. I love this form of IV iron because there are no side affects (made me little drowsy the first two sessions but then that went away) it takes less than an hour at the doc's office (nice nap). So talk over the different iron options with your doc, and check your levels often. My hemo runs a quick hemoglobin check every week I go in for the IV. Soon I will probably switch to every other week. I also take B-Complex everyday, along with a multivitamin, a calcium chew and a Vitamin D. With GB as you know you have to stay comitted to the maintenance, but definitely get the anemia corrected, before it gets out of control.

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