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[QUOTE=fivelipps;3158454] I do get my B-12 shots monthly but the oral suppliment is obviously not enough. ... find a good gastric doctor?[/QUOTE]
[B][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I had RNY gastric bypass 5 1/2 years ago. My low ferritin problems started at about 3 years post-op. It is because we are not able to absorb iron orally. The area of absorbtion has been bypassed.
I have never had low B-12. I take sub-ligual B-12 (from Trader Joe's) and I get a B-12 shot once a month.
My issue is low ferritin. I have IV iron infusions of Infed every 6-8 months. My Hematologist orders them when my ferritin drops below 100. She said that the other iron numbers (hemoglobin, iron sat, etc..) fluctuate, so we go by my ferritin numbers. HTH

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