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[QUOTE=notorious b;3195183]I guess my question would be - I have managed to get my hemoglobin into the normal range, low 12's, but my ferritin is still low, around 5. So if my hemoglobin is going up, why wouldn't my ferritin go up?[/QUOTE]

There is a process to this.

Before you become anemic, your iron stores start to deplete. An example would be that, starting out, you had a hemoglobin of 14 and a ferritin of 70. Some disease process hits you (heavy periods, celiac disease, colon polyp) and you start bleeding. The first thing that happens is that the body starts pulling iron out of storage to keep the hemoglobin normal. So gradually, your ferritin drops from 70...72....65....40....30...all the way down to, say 10 or even lower. Then your hemoglobins starts to become affected because you no longer have storage and NOW your body has to deplete what is circulating in your blood. At this point, your hemoglobin, hematocrit, and RBCs will start to drop. The size of your blood cells will also start to shrink (MCV). Then, one day your doc tells you to take iron, or fix your bleeding, whatever. You do this. The FIRST think to get corrected will be your hemoglobin as you add iron into your bloodstream. Once your hemoglobin stabilizes, then the "extra" iron if there is enough will start going back in to storage and the ferritin will start to rise.

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