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kjrunner - The Trichologist who i see about my hair issue, which we believe is as a result of very low ferretin levels over a number of years, uses Dr Hugh Rushton as his reference. You can look up Dr Rushton on the net. He is a doctor based in Harley Street in London and that is where the best doctors are supposed to be, or so i've heard.

The Trichologist i visit is called Tony Pearce and you can look him up on the net too. He has supplied some fairly good articles regarding iron levels, targets to reach, the affects it has on our body etc etc.

Here in Australia the pathology uses a range of 18 - 200 ug/L for ferretin. I'm not sure whether it's the same where you live as some things like B12 have a different range here compared to the USA, so when discussing figures it can get a bit confusing sometimes.

The way i look at this iron issue is the higher my ferretin levels have been the healthier i have felt and wasnt losing any hair. As my ferretin has declined over the years(fortunately no lower than 8) i have felt at rock bottom, depressed, worn out, tired, no motivation, lost half my hair and then on top of that ended up with a once healthy thyroid but now heading slowly to the danger side. This is why i dont understand gp's who tell their patients that a ferretin of 5 is ok.

I think today too many dr's check that you fall within a range and if you happen to be at the extreme bottom of that range they dont care, so long as fall within that range. That is not best practice. From what i know, depending on what your test is for, sometimes it's ok to be at the bottom of the range for some things, for other things you need to be in the middle while for other things it's healthier to be at the top of the range, just depends what you are being tested for.

I'm aware that we're all individual and we all may have varying reasons why our levels fell, but i still think dr's should take us seriously when we visit them and not simply say it's all ok or go take some pills and come back in 6mths. Sometimes i could cry when i read about people who have dr's who just dont care enough to make suggestions or try various types of things, when they must realise that the patient is suffering.

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