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That H-Pylori can get some people quite bad and more people have it than is known.

My exhusband had it and didn't know. He self diagnosed himself and told me that he was bleeding internally and i just thought he was exagerating. He ended up as white as a ghost and would have to sleep most of the day and night and would only get up to eat. When he would eat he would be absolutely starving as though he hadn't eaten in days, probably due to the blood loss.

When he finally agreed to see a doctor the doctor wouldn't even allow him to drive home to get a change of clothes and instead sent him straight to the hospital emergency. They kept him there for a week and gave him a blood transfusion. At the end of the week they did one of those things where they put the camera thingy down your throat and check your stomach etc but they didn't find anything. They gave him tablets for ulcers and did the H-pylori test which he came up positive for and they believe H-pyloria is responsible for most ulcers people have.

The thing is my ex had a book with info on varying health conditions and diagnosed himself regarding the internal blood loss, but how many people could be losing blood and not know it. Everybody wouldn't lose blood at the same rate, if his had progressed a bit slower he might not have been aware of it either and there are likely a lot of people in that situation.

They can test for H-pylori by a simple breath test and then they put you on a dose of tablets for a few weeks.

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