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[QUOTE=Nyxie63;3174615]Re: celiac - My dr's not even bothering to do the blood test. As long as they're going to be in there anyway (getting both upper and lower GI exams done next month), he's decided to go straight for the small intestine biopsy for Celiac.[/QUOTE]

Nyxie--I had the upper and lower but my doc never checked the small bowel???? I didn't even know that it wasn't covered at the time. I thought that all things would be included. Then my mom had a bleed they did the routine upper and lower couldn't find the bleed, then did a small bowel series. That's when I found out there was more to be checked. :confused: They say that it's my periods as usual...... I did have a Celiac test at the Rheumy. I'm sure there are other reasons to bleed from the small bowel though?????? Hum..................I often wonder too. FLFLOWERGIRL:cool:
FLFLOWERGIRL - Just found an article that says about 5% of gastro bleeds occur in the small bowel, which can only be PARTLY seen using endoscopy or colonoscopy. Apparently, the standard endoscope can only see about 2 feet into the small intestine, although the enteroscope can see further, but not all. The only alternatives are barium x-rays (which aren't very sensitive) or surgery (which is invasive and risky). So I guess that means, even if they do everything, they can't see everything. I find it hard to believe, in this day and age, there isn't something better.

Also found this - 70-80% of small bowel bleeds are caused by abnormal blood vessels called AVMs (arteriovenous malformations). Other causes of bleeding may be tumors (both benign and malignant), Crohn's disease, and ulcers.

Hope your mom's doing ok now. :)

Just wanted to let you know that regarding the small bowel, they do have a relatively "newish" procedure that can view the small bowel. You swallow a camera and the camera takes about a zillion pictures on its way down and these are transmitted to a computer. A have read a couple of people on this board having this done. I think someone name "Joanie" had it done and it did detect a small bowel bleed.

Has your doctor discussed this? I know my doctor has never even mentioned it even though I had endoscopy and colonoscopy. Maybe because a small bowel bleed is so rare?:confused:
Thanks! I'd heard something about the little camera thingy, but didn't think it was widely available for use yet. That's neat! :)

My dr didn't bring it up either. To be honest, I'm not too worried about a small bowel bleed. My biggest concerns for possibilities are Celiac and colon polyps. For some reason, my mind keeps making a connection between skin tags and colon polyps, therefore the concern.
Christine and Nyxie--I was beginning to wonder why my Doc never mentioned anything about the small bowel. If it's only 5% I won't worry about it, one less thing. I just thought it strange that my mom and others here have had testing and not me. I don't think that the doctors around here at using the camera???

My mom's bleeding stopped on it's own. Her Hgb at the time of testing was 14 so she was safe. I think that hers was from gastritis and H-Pylori. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
The camera test that has been mentioned is called a capsule endoscopy. It's a very easy test... you just swallow a tiny camera and then pass it through regular bowel movements later. It takes millions of pics and is really the only way for docs to see inside the small bowel without actually having invasive surgery.

I've had the capsule test done twice due to severe anemia... hgb of 7.4 The test is being used more widely now... I would talk to your doctor about it. It's been around for a few years now and you should be able to have it done near where you live. I live in California (where I had it done twice) but I had a GI/anemia emergency while in Vermont and the GI doc mentioned having the test done there.... and this was in a SMALL town in Vermont so I would imagine it is being used pretty widely now.

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