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hi everyone,
i would like some advice/suggestions please

i've hemorrhaged with my last two monthlies, pretty badly and subsequently lost a lot of blood. my last monthly was the end of july and ever since i've being feeling the affects of anemia: cold hands/feet, tired all the time, irritable, trouble breathing (at night), paleness and dizziness.

i went to my local GP and he just advised that my next 2 monthlies will probably be the same. he didn't mention iron supplements, didn't suggest a blood test to test for anemia he didn't do very much really :nono: - only hurried me out the door :eek:

i have spent a large proportion of my adulthood anemic for one reason or other and i'm pretty confident that i am in fact anemic now....
i've being taking [COLOR="Magenta"]Floradix Formula - liquid iron extract[/COLOR] twice daily for the last 5 days and feel somewhat better....i'm wanting to know if anyone else has had success with this iron supplement.

should my GP have offered iron injections, due to the severity of the blood loss and the fact it will be ongoing for the next 2or3 cycles?

what action do you think would be beneficial as i really don't like feeling like this, it's making it hard being a wife and mother running a busy household and studying so please any info would be much appreciated xxx

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