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[QUOTE=miss_kawasaki;3166596][FONT="Comic Sans MS "][SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][I][B]
hi everyone,
i would like some advice/suggestions please
i've being feeling the affects of anemia: cold hands/feet, tired all the time, irritable, trouble breathing (at night), paleness and dizziness.

my GP have offered iron injections, due to the severity of the blood loss
what action do you think would be beneficial

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkRed"][B]Hi,
When I have these types of [B][U]severe[/U][/B] symptoms my ferritin (iron storage) is depleted. I now see a Hematologist for my low iron issues. She orders an I.V. iron infusion of Infed when my ferritin is below 100. It got down to 10 before I saw her. I hope to never experience those symptoms again.
The infusions have helped me immensely. I tried oral irons, they don't work for me. Can your doctor order I.V. iron infusions for you?[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]

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